James Franco to star in Rise of the Apes


Not too long ago, we told you about the forthcoming “Planets of the Apes” reboot tentatively titled “Rise of the Apes.” And now, with a June 24, 2011, release date looming, the movie has its star in James Franco.

The choice seems pretty safe, but as much as I like Franco, I can’t help but think he is the wrong choice — for reasons that have nothing to do with him.

When most people heard about the “Apes” re-do, the sentiment overwhelmingly seemed to be “Again?” or “Already?” And there’s no doubt about it, the new movie has to overcome the stigma of the baffling 2001 Tim Burton version.

With that it mind, it seems like the smart move would have been to hire a lead that isn’t of the same mold as that movie’s star (Mark Wahlberg).

To make sure audiences were sure this movie was its own beast, a better choice for a lead might have been an ethnic actor or an actress. Heck, I hear Megan Fox is looking for work.

In any case, I’m sure Franco will do fine. And as a bonus, he even has experience working with apes (and, no, I’m not talking about Seth Rogen).

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  1. 1

    cool news. i hope the film is decent enough.

  2. christine #

    I love planet of the apes!

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