Just a Review: Disneynature’s ‘Earth’


When I first went to see the Disneynature movie “Earth,” I was ambivalent at best. However, it was what the people I was with wanted to see, so I went along with them.

To say I was held spellbound for almost the entire 90 minutes of the screening would be an understatement. The movie is breathtaking and astonishing at the same time, as it tells the story of three small animal families trying to survive on our ever-changing planet.

The story — and, yes, it is told as an interwoven story — centers on three mothers, a polar bear, an elephant and a humpback whale, and their cubs all going from one season to the next as they struggle to stay alive.

The story encompasses the environments in which they live and how changes in the Earth’s environment are affecting their struggles for survival from season to season.

There is beauty and adventure, as well as heart-stopping suspense along the way.

What could possibly make it better than the superb narration by James Earl Jones? Need I say more? This is the perfect movie to share with your families and friends over and over again, so don’t rent it, buy it.

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  1. Don #

    I’m glad to hear the movie is good. I am thinking of seeing it.

  2. Zefrum #

    i saw the movie it’s awesome

  3. DC Hero #

    I haven’t seen it yet, but it looks like it’ll be a great Blu-ray release.

  4. 4

    I’m glad you liked it, but I doubt I will see it. The BBC versions were so good.

  5. Linda #

    I just rented this over the weekend, it was great.