Poster Peek: ‘Finding Bliss’


It’s not often anymore that you see Leelee Sobieski on a movie poster. Or Kristen Johnston, for that matter. Or, uh, actually… Jamie Kennedy. Put all three of them together on a bed, surrounded by white pillows and sheets, and what do you get? The poster for their new movie “Finding Bliss.”

The tagline on the poster proclaims the movie is a “hard-core comedy.” So yep, you guessed it … “Finding Bliss” is about life in the adult film industry. Sobieski plays Jody, a film school grad who takes a job at a porn studio in hopes that she can film her own movie there after hours. When she’s found out, she has to work with porn director Jeff (Matthew Davis — you may remember him as Warner from “Legally Blonde”), and, you guessed it again (you’re so smart!), they start a budding romance.

The movie is partially based on director Julie Davis’ real-life story on how she got into the movie business. Johnston plays Grind Productions owner and former porn star Irene, while Denise Richards is Laura, an actress Jody hires for the low-budget romantic comedy she’s filming. And, according to the official movie Web site, Kennedy plays the “dim-witted but lovable porn star Richard ‘Dick’ Harder.” Clever.

Moviegoers can “find bliss” in limited theaters starting June 4.

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  1. H Solo #

    I just saw this movie. Not too bad, actually.