Poster Peek: ‘Kick-Ass’

— by CAM SMITH —

Even in the world of film, everyone loves to rally behind a dark horse. The recent money-printing success of “Paranormal Activity” is a testament to that. And with the invention of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, not to mention the mass media-driven popularization of Comic Conventions, it’s becoming easier for riskier niche investments to find a fervently passionate following.

Such is the case with “Kick-Ass,” an ultra-ironic superhero action-comedy smashing headfirst into theatres on April 16, 2010, which almost certainly guarantees to be a blood-soaked, profanity-spewing, bullet-streaked rockin’ good time.

To help raise awareness with those outside the film-geek contingent, Lionsgate Studios’ has given IGN an exclusive first-look at four character posters featuring the movie’s central crime-fighting vigilantes — consisting of Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz), Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage), Red Mist (Christopher Mintz Plasse — aka McLovin) and, well, Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson).

While these poster don’t really reveal anything at all — and strongly resemble the “Spider-Man 2” teaser one-sheet — they do give a hint of the flick’s garish tone and unconventional cloaked crusaders.

Honestly, though, these posters are really only a fan tide-me-over until the teaser trailer drops next Friday on the film’s official site.

Based on the hit Icon Comics comic-book by writer Mark Millar, and directed by Matthew Vaughn (of “Stardust” & “Layer Cake”), “Kick-Ass” chronicles the exploits of young Dave Lizewski, an unremarkable teenager who decides to become an equally unremarkable masked hero. However, as Kick-Ass becomes embroiled in a community of fellow wannabes, he finds himself and his new allies hunted by some mighty nasty, vicious characters. Bloodshed and ass-kicking ensues. (Duh!)

While I didn’t think the movie adaptation on Millar’s “Wanted” was anything to high-five anyone over, the ‘net buzz on “Kick-Ass” is almost radioactively hot. Personally, I’m an easy mark for projects like this, so I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl on the first day of horse camp for this one.

And, if you’re truly super-hard to impress, consider that the film’s fight sequences are being co-coordinated by Mr. Damien Walters.

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  1. Robert D #

    I absolutely love the comic and can’t wait for this movie.

  2. 2

    Definitely not giving anything away in those posters. But enough to keep me pumped for this flick.

  3. Josue #

    hopefully it is not like watchman! but looks good.

  4. Kent #

    I imagine I will see this, but not because of the posters.

  5. Cam Smith #

    Za? “Watchmen” was great!

  6. Mo GB #

    They do look like the Spider-Man poster.

  7. MEAGAN34 #

    Can’t wait to see this!