Poster Peek: ‘Stan Helsing’


While exploring the internet, I’ve uncovered something that should probably been left alone — but being the daring soul that I am, I have decided to post this atrocity for all of “It’s Just Movies” to see.

Behold the poster for “Stan Helsing,” the latest in the trend of horrendous spoof-movies. The tag-line, “The most feared monsters in cinematic history have met their match,” made me cringe more then any cinematic monster.

As I said before, I am a daredevil, so I took a much deeper look at the poster. Wait, is that supposed to be the guy from the Halloween movies? Is that Freddy Krueger wearing some sort of giant clock-chain? But the real question remains, is that Superman up on top? Surely Superman is not feared, and he is surely not a monster.

I scroll down while pondering the idea that the Man of Steel is actually a monster in disguise, and I see “From the Executive Producer of Scary Movie,” Usually, I’d look for a release date but this time, I think that its best left unknown.

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  1. Vanna #

    This is funny but I think you miss-read the poster. See at the top it says “The most feared monsters in cinematic history have met their match”.

    But yeah, scarry!

  2. Jason #

    It physically hurts me to look at this poster. Please make the bad men stop.

  3. 3

    Well, sure, why wouldn’t you make a spoof of a movie that under-performed, years after it was relevant?

  4. Chestnut #

    Is that Fatman?

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