Rumor Update: Have New ‘Superman’ Reboot Details Emerged?


After my first article on the Superman reboot production schedule was posted here at IJM, Collider got updated from their source who gave them more information. Before you read this, note that there are some minor spoilers:

    To follow up on the confusion surrounding my tip off about the Superman production timeline:

    * The scenes in Smallville aren’t the first thing in the movie, but are going to be filmed first for convenience and won’t be a major part of the story but a key part.

    * I believe that the stand in for Metropolis will be Chicago and NOT Vancouver. This is one of the key reasons why “The Dark Knight Rises” has moved to Detroit because TDKR doesn’t have as many ariel shots as Superman and so the audience will not know the difference. The ariel shots in TDKR will be CGI enhanced as will the Superman shots.

    * There will be a Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year breaks during the shoot. Shooting in 2011 finishes on something like Dec. 15 and won’t resume until Jan. 5.

    * The foreign shoots are for a montage scene and will feature Clark Kent. I believe the story says Iraq and Afghanistan but filming won’t take place there for obvious reasons and a stand in country will be chosen. The actual foreign places are being decided now and it may even film those desert war scenes in the US.

    * The UK studio is Shepperton Studios at Pinewood I believe and is where the Daily Planet interior scenes will be filmed as well as others which I won’t say.

Well, it still make sense to me when you look at the information. It makes me wonder if this person actually is part of the production crew for the movie. As I said in the previous article, the schedule looks possible and considerable. When I read the Chicago-part, I wonder if that part is true.

The part about Clark being in Iraq and Afghanistan reminded me of another thing I read a couple of months ago which said Clark would be abroad (don’t remember where exactly) and was said to be the plot story. Did Collider’s source just confirm that we will see him abroad? I hope Warner Bros. or the crew for the Superman movie confirms this as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more information about the Superman reboot. In the meantime, discuss and leave your comment at the right.

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  1. moviefan #

    Its nice stuff. Interesting rumors.

  2. Matt #

    I just can’t get amped for this film.

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