‘Smallville’: Thoughts on the End of the Beginning of Superman’s Journey


“Smallville” is near and dear to my heart, mostly because it gave me the opportunity to enjoy an alternative look into the unexplored time-period of my hero: Superman.

This time period occurs before he wore the suit or flew. It gave us the opportunity to accompany him on his journey of discovery. As puberty kicked in, Clark Kent (the future Superman played by Tom Welling) began to discover new abilities that set him apart from everyone around him. This was the premise for this decade-long adventure which is about to reach its culmination with the series finale airing May 13. And the fans of Smallville are being told they are in for a huge treat.

As a hardcore “Smallville” fan, I could probably write and talk about the show all day. Right now, there is just a handful of episodes left, and the the main character of the show is about to take the final steps into becoming “Superman.” I would like to compile for you what we know and don’t know about the finale so far, as well as my own personal wishes of what I would like to see come true before the end.

One thing we do know is the final episodes of the series will be a special two-hour movie event. The episodes are titled “Finale Parts 1 and 2.” Counting tonight’s episode, there are only four episodes until that final two-hour special event. We here at It’s Just Movies will be covering and reviewing these episodes leading into the grand finale.

“Smallville” has always enjoyed revolutionary state-of-art special effects and has been the winner of multiple awards in this field, including multiple “Saturn” awards and even some Emmy awards. Most of these were for the technological (sound and editing) aspects of the show, fields in which this show has always excelled.

Now, with the leading man about to take the leap into becoming the Superman, I am wondering if they will go for broke and create a special-effects extravaganza. Will Clark finally fly? Sure we’ve seen flight on this show before — mostly from villains and other heroes. And the times Clark did fly he wasn’t himself or he was in a virtual world. So, when actual Clark takes flight in our actual world, it will be a first and a big deal, and they know that. So when he does finally fly, I feel they will need to crack open their piggy banks if they want to out-do themselves from their previous successful flights.

Will Clark Kent wear the full suit? Here is another fan question. It appears he will wear it, but the question is; will it just be in the final moments? Or will it be the entire second half? Will he already be wearing it going into the finale? Fans have been plagued by these questions for a decade now — I know I have been. But the time is up, and it must happen. So will it happen for more than just an instant? What do you think? How about the big wedding talk? Will Clark and Lois (played by Erica Durance, below) finally tie the knot?

How about this question: Can the finale be considered a “Superman” movie?

Will he face off against any particular villain? If not, what will his final challenges be?

Obviously, we are in the dark about a great many things. This is probably a good thing, especially considering “Smallville” has always released so many of its spoilers before-hand, leaving few surprises for the true aficionados of the show.

What do you think? I welcome you to jump in and share your thoughts.

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  1. kat #

    I will miss the show!

  2. moviefan #

    I too will miss the show. Its been a great ride. Many ups and downs. But overall been good. Can’t wait to see how it wraps.

  3. the pain #

    i hear lex luthor is back and also after tonights show blue bettal and boster are on the hero roster i am hopeing that clark will fly all 2 hours or mabey just for a min i will be happy any way it goes down i cant wait for the end