Star Wars Celebration V Surprises


The “Star Wars Celebration V” is going on in Orlando, Fla., right now and all kinds of news is coming our way via “the force” that is the internet. I really wish I could be there, but I am following it closely online, as I know other millions of fans are.

I have always been open about my love for “Star Wars,” and I hope you have read my article The ‘Star Wars’ Saga: One Man’s Dream.

I love the originals and enjoyed the new prequels. I also love the award winning animated “Clone Wars,” where a lot of the attention will be paid during this year’s celebration.

We are hearing that George Lucas, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are all there and on stage, sharing and celebrating the phenomenon that is “Star Wars.”

They will be announcing all kinds of goodies, roasting Lucas, and showing off a parade of movie costumes.

The latest news to pop out through Twitter is that Lucas announced there will a box set for the entire series (all six movies) coming out on Blu-Ray in 2011. The set will include all kinds of deleted scenes – including a deleted scene from “Return of the Jedi” where Luke is assembling his new lightsaber. If you ask me this is priceless.

Perhaps we will see more of Bobba Fett as we been hearing for decades now. And will Lucas add Padme Amidala to the originals?

What other deleted scenes can we expect to see? What would you like for the box set to include?

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