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Review: Pinocchio

— by WILLIAM STERR — This is not your grandfather’s Pinocchio. Nor is it Walt Disney’s 2022 live-action version. This one is courtesy of the incredible imagination of Guillermo del Toro, the Mexican director/writer who gave us the Oscar winning “The Shape of Water,” “Pan’s La[...]

Review: Nightmare Alley

— by WILLIAM STERR — “The Shape of Water,” “Crimson Peak,” “Pacific Rim,” “Pan’s Labyrinth,” “Hellboy,” “ Hellboy II,” “Blade II,” “The Devil’s Backbone,” “Mimic,” “Chronos.” Guillermo del Toro – director, writer, imaginist – has had an imp[...]

Previewing the 90th Academy Awards

The 90th Academy Awards ceremony is growing agonisingly close and the film industry is on tenterhooks to see who will seize glory. Jimmy Kimmel is returning to host Hollywood’s most celebrated event of the year at the Dolby Theatre in LA on March 4 and speculation is raging among fans over who wil[...]

Five must-see movies from top directors

— by CRAIG SMITH — This year has a lot in store for movie fans, with new films coming in 2018 from some of the finest directors in history, including Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Paul Thomas Anderson, Guillermo del Toro and Terry Gilliam. Everyone is going to be making a point of seein[...]

Review: The Shape of Water

— by RON WILKINSON — The month of December brings out the big guns. The biggest stars and the biggest screenplays. Unfortunately, most do not make use of the stars and the screenplay. “The Shape of Water” not only makes use of a perfect cast, it leverages that with a charming story o[...]

Review: Pacific Rim

— by ADAM DALE — Ever since last year’s Comic-Con panel at which I heard Guillermo Del Toro’s passion about his new project, “Pacific Rim,” I have been excited to see the film. I have been looking forward to seeing the awesome and very visual flair that he would be bringing to th[...]

Trailer: Mamá

— by CHERRY BELL DAMASCO-FARRINGTON — From executive producer Guillermo del Toro, creator of Academy award-winning “Pan’s Labyrinth,” comes the chilling tale of two little girls left alone in the wilderness for more than five years. Based on the novel “Mamá” by Andres Muschiet[...]

Five Clips from ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’

— by CHERRY BELL DAMASCO-FARRINGTON — As a fan of Guillermo del Toro, but not of horror films, I am willing to give “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” a chance. The film — which has been held up in post-production due to Disney selling Miramax — will finally made[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’

— by ADAM POYNTER — As fans of any horror movie know there are a few things that are staples in any scary movie: old houses, disembodied voices, little children and demon possession. “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,” a remake of a 1973 television horror film, has three out[...]

Guillermo Del Toro eyes Pacific Rim

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — So much for that. Yesterday, I reported Tom Cruise landed the starring role in Guillermo Del Toro’s “At The Mountains of Madness.” However, as of today, the project is dead. Due to the projected high price tag, Universal Pictures will only[...]

Cruise set for At the Mountains of Madness

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — It isn’t a secret that “At The Mountains Of Madness” has been a passion project for Guillermo Del Toro for some time. At last summer’s Comic Con, he hinted about starting production on the film adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s horror novella during[...]

Guillermo Del Toro Departs from ‘The Hobbit’

— by BEN FOWLER — Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro has stepped down from directing “The Hobbit.” In a joint statement released to “Lord of The Rings” fan site, Del Toro said it was “the hardest decision of my life.” Whilst Executive Producer [...]

Sir Ian McKellen Says ‘The Hobbit’ Starts In July

— by BEN FOWLER — Oops! Sir Ian McKellen seems to have let the proverbial cat out of the bag. On his official site, the legendary thespian blogged how “The Hobbit” films will begin shooting in July of this year, how the filming will take over a year to complete and[...]

‘The Hobbit’: A Premise of Contradictions?

— by BEN FOWLER — I could not be more split down the middle when it comes to the thought of a “Hobbit” film/s. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see “The Hobbit” onscreen. But when I read stories and information released about what they are planning and quotes from the film[...]