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Will Paul Greengrass Take a ‘Fantastic Voyage’

— by CAM SMITH — With the “Green Zone” tanking out at the multiplex like the second coming of “Body of Lies,” and the “Bourne” franchise apparently being prepped to catch a serious case of the reboot-itis, Paul Greengrass is in somewhat desperate need of a high-profile studio[...]

Here’s What the Best Director Nominees Should Film Next

— by H.G. WATSON — Despite what many would claim was a weak field of films nominated for this year’s Academy for Best Picture, it was unarguably a fantastic year for the Best Director category. We all know Kathryn Bigelow was one of a handful of women ever nominated (and the only one w[...]

How It Should Have Ended: ‘Avatar’

From the very clever people at HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) comes their take on how the highest-grossing movie of all time should have ended. According to the site, this is their version of “James Cameron’s ‘Dances with Smurfs (aka ‘Avatar’). See how the furry blue [...]

Under Review: ‘Avatar’

— by CHAS BLANKENSHIP — A crippled marine travels to an alien moon for a research mission to help secure a rare mineral for Earth. But when he begins to question both the alien races’ nature and his own races’ intent, his loyalties begin to blur.[...]

Six Clips from ‘Avatar’

— by ROBERT DeFEIS — James Cameron takes us to a world called Pandora, with the Na’vi being its native habitants. The humans engage in a war over the planet’s resources and existence. Cameron has created a 3-D film that rivals any before it and many for years to come[...]

The Top 5 underrated James Cameron projects

— by CHAS BLANKENSHIP — James Cameron is a name synonymous with highly-calibrated action sequences, thought-provoking narrative, finely-tuned editing and visual effects and solidly-executed cast performances … his work with the “Terminator” films, “Aliens” and “Titanic”[...]

The Thenatar Chase From ‘Avatar’

— by ALEXA MILAN — James Cameron’s “Avatar,” the director’s first film since “Titanic,” has garnered a mixed reaction based on early footage. Some think it’s visually stunning and lives up to the hype, while others don’t think the world of the film is as photorealistic[...]

‘Avatar’ TV Spot: Next Generation of 3D

— by BEN FOWLER — There can’t be many people around at the moment that aren’t aware of the upcoming “game-changing” film, “Avatar,” by James Cameron. To continue to pump the movie-going public that little bit more prior to its release, a TV spot trailer has[...]

‘Avatar’ Featurette: Visit Planet Jim

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — Perhaps we have never seen a movie like “Avatar,” or perhaps there has never been a movie like this. One thing I know for sure is that if anyone can make a movie like this, it is James Cameron. The featurette below is properly named “Planet[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Avatar’

— by CAM SMITH — On the surface, James Cameron’s “Avatar” feels like a work of unadulterated hubris, containing every element of the director’s stylistic arsenal cranked up to near parody levels — More military porn! Bigger mechs! Tougher warrior women! Oh boy! Still,[...]