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IJM Hits the Year-and-a-Half Mark

— by SEAN GERSKI — With websites — as with life — the longer it goes, the fewer anniversaries you will mark. I remember noting the first week, the first month, the second month and so on. After we hit one year, I stopped noticing the monthly anniversaries (a 14-month[...]

Under Review: ‘Yogi Bear’

— by CHRIS HYATT — Those readers out there old enough to remember watching cartoons before 1996 will likely agree with me that the most holiest name in televised animation was Hanna-Barbera. When I was a kid, I literally couldn’t go a day without seeing at least one Hanna-Barbera[...]

Eight Clips from ‘Yogi Bear’

— by CHRIS HYATT — The name of the first clip is perhaps apropos since Dan Aykroyd was perhaps the smartest choice to voice Yogi Bear. It’s also smart enough to stick with the good old fashioned Yogi, instead of making him younger and sexier, and to use the same style of clever con[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Yogi Bear’

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — Sure I watched “Yogi Bear” cartoons when I was a kid. Yet, I can’t remember why I loved it so much. What I can remember is that something about it captivated me to watch it every day, along with my other favorites like “Transformers,” “[...]

Possible ‘Yogi Bear’ Images Emerge

— by ALEXA MILAN — Fans of the “Yogi Bear” cartoon are in luck. Not only is “smarter than the average bear” Yogi headed to the big screen, but he’s headed to the big screen in 3D. In the live action/CGI hybrid from “Journey to the Center of the[...]

‘Yogi Bear’ Movie Has Its Ranger Smith

— by SEAN GERSKI — This is a case where I’m not going to let the fact that I don’t care about a project ruin what I feel is a great piece of casting. Variety is reporting that Tom Cavanagh has been cast as Ranger Smith in the “Yogi Bear” movie being developed by[...]

‘Yogi Bear’ Movie Gathering Speed

— by BEN FOWLER — Currently filed under the “Why do we need this film?” section is the live-action/CG hybrid adaptation of the “Yogi Bear” cartoon. Currently casting and set for a release date of Dec. 17, 2010, the Jellystone National Park resident is touted to be voiced [...]