Trailer Talk: ‘Africa Light: Gray Zone’


The trailer below for “Africa Light: Gray Zone” looks beautiful. That’s probably because I’m just used to seeing a lot of dust and beige when looking at footage taken from Africa. The trailer below, however, is sharp with rich colors. But all the beauty in Africa cannot distract from the problem of industrialization.

For Africa, industrialization means getting new technology: trains, paved roads, and barbed wire fences. The technological advances have a downside, however. With more technology, the African culture is becoming diminished. Old customs stop being practiced and traditions start vanishing. On the other hand, new technology can greatly improve the lives of Africans with water filters and medical equipment. It’s not a new problem, but for those of us in America it’s a hard one to understand.

“Africa Light: Gray Zone” is a short film that explores social, economic and political development in the Third World. It discusses “lost identities of African communities, overwhelming progression and related changes in the environment.” With an important social message and what looks like some great cinematography, “Africa Lights: Gray Zone” could be a very good short documentary.

“Africa Light: Gray Zone” is directed by Tino Schwanemann and will be released Jan. 15.

Source: Trailer Addict

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