Trailer Talk: ‘Babies’


I couldn’t be more excited for the film “Babies.” Forget any animated film that is coming out this year, “Babies” will be the most adorable film in theatres.

“Babies” isn’t just about babies. The film documents the lives of four babies in one year. The babies come from Tokyo, San Francisco, Namibia and Mongolia. So “Babies” is also about how different cultures raise children.

The best part of the trailer below is how even though the babies come from four different continents, they are all doing the same thing, if just with different tools. I can imagine the concern some people would have over the two babies who are playing with rocks and a water bottle on the dirt floor, but as the trailer shows, all babies want to play with something — no matter if it’s high tech toys or a few rocks.

Looking into the lifestyles of four different cultures could be a very eye-opening experience and what better way to tie them all together than babies? The production looks great for a documentary. The editors must have had their jobs cut out for them with all of the footage the filmmakers got. Honestly though, whose going to mind sifting through ungodly amounts of footage of babies being adorable?

“Babies” will be in theatres May 7.

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  1. 1

    Saw the preview for this one in a theater. I have to say I was hooked. All things considered it looks very promising. Great trailer talk review Allison.

  2. Mo GB #

    But is it too cute?