Trailer Talk: ‘Buried’


What do you get when you bury Ryan Reynolds alive with nothing but a cell phone and a flashlight? By the looks of this new teaser trailer, it looks like you get an intriguing low-budget thriller.

“Buried” follows Paul Conroy (Reynolds), a contractor working in Iraq who is suddenly kidnapped by a group of Iraqis. He awakes to find himself buried in a coffin with a flashlight and a cell phone with which to communicate with his kidnappers and the outside world. If Paul doesn’t meet the kidnappers’ demands, they will leave him there to die.

I think this is a really interesting concept for a movie, essentially a one-man show onscreen. One actor and one set may seem a bit confining, but it could also provide some great opportunities for suspense. It’s certainly a refreshing take on the genre.

Reynolds is also an interesting choice of leading man, but “Buried” looks like a good chance for him to prove his acting chops extend beyond his humor and charisma.

“Buried” premieres at the Sundance Film Festival.

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  1. 1

    As much as I like Reynolds, this one is a tough sell to me. How do you make it without it feeling too claustrophobic?

  2. Disco #

    I want to see it.