Trailer Talk: ‘Cemetery Junction’


For my money, Ricky Gervais is one of the funniest people on earth. His comic sensibilities make me feel at home with their painful discomfort and logical befuddlement about social norms.

Teamed with Stephen Merchant, hilarious in his own right, the two have co-written and -directed “Cemetery Junction,” but there’s a twist: they aren’t the stars. Oh, they’re in it of course, but they’re taking a backseat to a group of British 20-somethings in the ’70s trying to find their way through the transition into the real world.

The trailer shows their different personalities, all of which seem pretty standard for this sort of movie. Freddie wants to get serious, but Bruce is content to keep on having fun! And if you can’t figure out what kind of person the character named Snork represents, then this may be the most surprising film of the year for you.

But, really, I’m not having a go at the film, as Gervais might say. The trailer’s comedy has that fast, sly quality Gervais and Merchant are so good at, along with an appealing-looking cast and some flavorful character actors like Gervais, Merchant and hey … Ralph Fiennes! The other thing I like is that Gervais and Merchant are breaking new ground for themselves. “Cemetery Junction” could have been the title of a film spoofed on “Extras.” It’s a period coming-of-age tale that has just as much pathos as humor. It’s a risk for these two. I’m interested.

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  1. Lynn #

    Euh… not interested. Next!!

  2. 2

    I’m actually pretty excited about this one.

  3. Jason #

    Lynn, are you not a fan of Gervais in general or just this particular project?