Trailer Talk: ‘Daydream Nation’


In the trailer for “Daydream Nation,” Caroline (Kat Dennings from “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”) lets the viewer know that “the year this story takes place is the year everything happened.” She confesses to sleeping with her “by far favorite teacher,” Mr. Anderson (Josh Lucas). Gee, I wonder why he’s her favorite?

She lets us know that things get complicated, and then we just see a montage of random images. It appears Caroline also gets intimate with fellow student Thurston (Reece Thompson), something Mr. Anderson doesn’t look too happy about. Is that why he dyes his hair blond? Bad call, teach.

Also in this collage of randomness are a Christmas tree, a log cabin, Caroline crying in a car, a car hitting a tree, a window breaking, a stripper, two young children… and Andie MacDowell?

Main point to take away from this trailer: sex with teacher + sex with classmate = trouble.

Look for Daydream Nation to hit theaters sometime next year.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    Yes, although the trailer does seem a bit perplexing about the actual storyline I do think that we can safely say she has sex with both her teacher and a boy at school. The teacher finds out and gets obsessed. So this looks interesting, but I will wait until we know more about the actual movie before deciding if its worthy of seeing in a theater.

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