Trailer Talk: ‘Sparkle’


Sam Sparkes (Shaun Evans) is 22 and desperately wants to move to London to work in public relations. After moving there and getting a job as a waiter, Sam meets Sheila (Stockard Channing), and she hires him to be her personal assistant. Oh, and also her lover, apparently. But things get a little twisted when Sam starts to have feelings for Kate (Amanda Ryan).

Other characters include Sam’s singing mother Jill (Lesley Manville) and Vince (Bob Hoskins), a guy who helps Sam get his waiter job and is creepily obsessed with Jill.

The trailer is pretty quick and a little all over the place, and it’s really hard to understand some of those British accents, especially Sam’s. Watch it a couple times to decide if “Sparkle” is worth your while.

“Sparkle” was released on DVD Sept. 7.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    Gotta love Stockard Channing ever since GREASE and Anthony head was Giles in Buffy! LOL, those two facts made me laugh and want to see this movie.