Trailer Talk: ‘The Good Soldier’

— by TOM ELCE —

Compiled of the memories and ruminations of soldiers of multiple generations, the new Lexy Lovell and Michael Uys film “The Good Soldier” appears to take on an approach to documentary filmmaking not unlike that you’ll see from similar pieces on television. Talking head interviews combine with archival footage as the filmmakers attempt to take a look at past and present conflicts through the eyes of those serving on the proverbial front line, though it’s difficult to tell from the trailer whether the movie’s aiming strictly for the tear ducts or has more worthy preoccupations.

Commenting without having seen the doc in question seems a little difficult, but the impact of the trailer is enough to get you interested in the subject matter and approach. The big question seems to be whether “The Good Soldier” justifies being given the cinematic treatment — namely, if it has anything timely, new or thoughtful to add to the discussion of war rather than just looking at Vietnam, Iraq and the World Wars from a more uncommon vantage point.

Duo directors Lovell and Uys have a limited history, but it’s one confined to documentaries that I haven’t personally come across, so there’s no way for me to really come to any conclusions on the film based on anything other than what’s glimpsed in this trailer. It’s certainly an interesting idea, and the film world is constantly crying out for a sensible commentary on war and the complex involvement of troops in this climate.

“What is Courage?” is the film’s tagline, concisely summing up the mission taken on by the group of combat veterans assembled for being featured, “The Good Soldier” promising to follow them as they question their involvement in their respective clashes and change their minds on what exactly qualifies the titular good soldier.

“The Good Soldier” is on limited release in the U.S. now.

Source: Trailer Addict

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  1. Disco #

    Looks decent.

  2. Jon Martincic #

    Even the trailer was very powerful. I don’t usually get into war-oriented stuff, but this does look interesting.