Trailer Talk: ‘The Ministers’


As I was watching this wild trailer for “The Ministers,” I realized John Leguizamo might finally be in a role that suits his crazy personality and, in my opinion, excellent acting skills.

Leguizamo gets to play two people — twin brothers Dante and Perfecto Mendoza — who think they are sent from God to kill those who are evil. This story is slightly similar to the cult classic “Boondock Saints.”

The movie’s plot revolves around Celeste Santana (Florencia Lozano), a NYPD detective whose father was murdered in the line of duty. There was one clue about her father’s killer left on the crime scene: a pamphlet from a mysterious religious group known only as “The Ministers.”

Thirteen years later, the Ministers begin to kill again. Unknown to Celeste, she has become romantically involved with one of the members of The Ministers. Now, her personal and professional lives are becoming murderously intertwined.

This movie promises to be gritty and unapologetic as this is inspired by true events. It looks like it might be a sleeper hit even though this movie only gets a limited theatrical release.

Hopefully, Leguizamo will be able to carry this movie, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for anything special. The director is Franc. Reyes.

“The Ministers” will spread their message in theaters Oct. 16, 2009.

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