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The quest to quench the aridity for a good horror flick is aggressively becoming harder and harder. Audiences are widely becoming more perceptive of plot lines, twists and turns in current horror films, resulting in unsatisfactory experiences. I have become very skeptical when it comes to my favorite genre.

Nowadays, I’m afraid to be hopeful and excited for horror films. Trailers are constantly popping up for B-style horror films, and one way to make sure you catch my eye is to throw in a decent actor/actress. In the case of “Thirst,” that bait is Lacey Chabert. I believe her to be a believable actress, very cute and vulnerable — classic horror qualities — and the proof is in the party (has anyone yet to forget “The Intervention” on “Party Of Five”?).

Hailed to be the “Open Water” of the desert, “Thirst” follows two couples on a mission to partake in a sexy photo shoot. The couples include Noelle (Lacey Chabert), her husband Bryan (Tygh Runyan of “Snakes on a Plane”), Atheria (Mercedes McNab) and Tysonn (Brandon Quinn). When the car in which the four are traveling crashes into a ravine in the desert, the group is left 50 miles from anyone or anything and must surrender to the harsh elements with minimal supplies and only one goal: survival.

The trailer looks a tad corny and dramatic, but that’s the best part of a lot of cult horror films. The dialogue is a bit cheesy and unpolished, and the camera set ups look fairly basic. But I suspect the film was low budget and a low budget doesn’t necessarily mean a horrible or unwatchable movie. Chabert served as an executive producer and being that she does have a certain rapport in the biz, I myself will leave some cushion for this film before stabbing it too hard. There are a couple of things that really have me turned off for the film — starting with the highly unoriginal and bland title. The horror stems from, what is to me, unbelievable circumstances. Horror movies don’t always need to be believable, but when you are marketing a scary scenario based on a simple survival need, it really should have a sense of authenticity. My one hope for “Thirst” is that it will have a stellar ending that makes you forget all the negative aspects of bad horror. The last two minutes of a horror film are really the defining factor on likability.

“Thirst” is scheduled for a June 22 DVD release by First Look Studios, which has distributed such films as “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans,” “War Inc.,” “Labor Pains” and “The Donner Party.” With that said, any friend of “War Inc.,” is a friend of mine. Insight Film Studios was the production company behind “Thirst,” and with the series “Painkiller Jane” and the not-so-well-known, but brilliant, awkward film “Personal Effects” under its belt, I am all but sold on “Thirst.”

Between the cast and the foundation under this film, I am almost certain there will be something to appreciate. I won’t be anxious to run out and buy this, but it’s definitely worth a rent. Fingers crossed that it is not played-out and predictable — I mean, if I’m left watching a montage of mirages of lemonade stands and waterfalls, I will be disgustingly parched.

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  1. 1

    ““Thirst” follows two couples on a mission to partake in a sexy photo shoot.”

    Well, there goes the relatability factor flying out the window.

  2. chase #

    I’d see this.

  3. Casey #

    What was that thing Nolle drunk from at the end?

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