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As a horror movie buff, I always jump at the chance to watch a trailer for a new horror film. So when I was given the link to the trailer for “Till Sunset,” I was eager to see what it was all about. At first glance, I was thinking to myself, “Wonderful, another ‘we’re stuck in the woods with an axe murder film.'” Just what the world needs. But as I watched the trailer for a second time, I became rather intrigued.

It’s obviously a lower-budget film made in England, which instantly wins some cool points with me. The cast is all fairly-unknown actors and actresses, as is often the case with horror movies, but that shouldn’t put you off to this movie. It looks like it could be an interesting concept and is more than worth giving a chance.

The plot of the film is one that isn’t unusual when it comes to low-budget horror films. Three strangers — Sean (Shane Sweeney), Beth (Heather Darcy), and Kerry (Gemma Woods) — are stranded in the back woods of the English countryside with no clue how they got there. All they know is there is a shallow grave near where they woke up and one of them is going to end up in it before the sun sets. Paranoia starts to take hold on the trio as the sun slowly moves across the sky (like an hourglass marking the inevitable demise of one of their companions). The question remains: Who is behind this torturous experience and why them?

From some of the obvious “flashbacks” in the trailer, it seems like the plot of the film may be slightly predictable or it could go off in left field somewhere along the line. It looks as though the film could go two ways with me, it could be an amazing little indie horror gem or it might just be another one of those movies you want the last 90 minutes of your life back at the end of it, which really just makes me want to see what it’s all about.

When it comes down to it, I say give the trailer a watch see if the movie is up your alley and if it is (which it is most definitely up mine), then wait patiently until it comes out and judge the whole film before making any judgments about whether this is just another one of those horror movies.

Source: Trailer Addict

On a rather amusing side note about the cast, does anyone remember those Lonelygirl15 videos from YouTube a few years back? Well the guy that played Steve, Giles Alderson, is in this movie as well. So if for no other reason than the prospect of seeing him possibly hacked to little bits, in this movie makes it one you got to at least give a chance to.

As far as I can find, there are no release dates yet for this film, so keep your eyes peeled and give this U.K.-made horror flick a chance.

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    Sounds interesting – I’ll have to check that one out!

  2. Casey C #

    sounds pretty interesting. nice job Tierney!

  3. annielicious14 #

    I’m game!