The Dirges’ Video for ‘The Saints are Coming’ Debuts


The “Boondock Saints” franchise has seen a lot of action over the past few months, beginning with the release of “Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day,” the highly-anticipated follow up to the 1999 original.

In early 2010, cast and crew embarked on a multi-city tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original film. Director Troy Duffy and stars from the movie, along with the bands responsible for creating the movie’s unique soundtrack, hit the road in January to party with fans all across the country.

On Jan. 27, the tour made a stop at Busby’s East in Los Angeles where The Dirges, a self-described folk/punk band, shot a music video for their song “The Saints are Coming,” which is featured in the film and on the recently-released soundtrack. In addition to a meet and greet with the stars and music from the movie, die-hard fans who made it to the party had the special honor of being used in the filming of the music video — which was directed by Duffy himself.

The video originally premiered as a special feature during a one-night-only showing of the original “Boondock Saints” film on March 11 in theaters nationwide. In addition to cast and crew interviews, fans were able to get a sneak preview of the video, which features actors Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus reprising their roles as Connor and Murphy MacManus, presumably setting out on a mission to silence The Dirges during their show. Once the boys make their way inside, however, they begin to like what they are hearing and start to dance and drink with other fans at the show, and the lives of The Dirges are spared.

Hundreds of fans made it to the party-turned-video-shoot, including Christy “Feanix” Poole, a member of the wildly-popular internet group the Boondock Betties. Christy said had a blast during filming and as a huge “Boondock Saints” fan, she was thrilled to be able to watch director Troy Duffy in action during the video shoot. While they only had a limited amount of time to film the video that night, there was still plenty of time for Flanery to entertain the group that had been waiting outside for so long with one of his alter egos, Mr. Beauregard Parish. Christy said after two good takes, Flanery busted out the character and had fans rolling.

Christy admits to being nervous when she heard the video would make its premiere on the big screen at the 10th anniversary event on March 11. “To see myself was so unreal, but a proud moment,” she said. “I am thrilled to be a part of it!” Christy also commented that knowing she was a part of the “Boondock Saints” legacy was a dream come true, and one that she will hold on to for the rest of her life.

Another Boondock Bettie, MaryBeth Kowalczyk, was in attendance that evening and agreed with Christy regarding the unbelievable circumstances they found themselves in. “When it was announced that we’d be a part of the music video, it was very exciting!” she said. “To actually be there, and then having Troy come around to everyone reminding us that they were going to start it, was a pretty surreal experience.”

The video includes shots of the crowd of fans enjoying The Dirges on stage. After filming for the video was complete, the fans got to kick back and just enjoy The Dirges show. “They are a band that can make you feel alive,” Christy said. “No joke, the energy on stage flows through the crowd and takes the audience on a wicked ride of full out fun! They rocked it and then came down and partied with all of us.”

MaryBeth also enjoyed the music that evening. “Seeing the band perform live rocked! Everyone was having such a good time!” she said.

Allowing the fans to take part in The Dirges’ music video is just one example of just how fan-friendly the cast, crew and musical acts from the “Boondock Saints” have been over the past decade. Fans have spent the past 10 years spreading the good word of the Saints to friends and family, and in return, the 10th anniversary celebration, movie sequel, and video shoot were all part of an awesome “Thank You” from the “Boondock Saints” crew.

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  1. 1

    Great review. I was at the party in LA myself and in the video. It truly was a great night and a lot of fun. And I made some new friends out of it as well.
    Just one of the many many reasons to love The Boondock Saints!

  2. Mandy302 #

    Great Job Casey! I watched the video along with many others at the 10th Anniversary Screening and it rocked as do the Dirges!!!

  3. 3

    This is an awesome article darlin’. *Two Thumbs Up.* 🙂

  4. Tierney #

    Loved it, you are so talented! And the video is awsome as well

  5. 5

    Great article, it made me want to find out a bit more about it and listen to their music.

  6. 6

    I loved the video (even though I like the original song a bit better :-x). How awesome in it that we have some Betties representing?! Boondock Betties for life! 😀

  7. amidd24 #

    Awesome job Casey! I also saw the video at the 10th anniversary showing! Your article and the video rock out loud!

  8. Crash #

    I wish I coulda made it to any of the parties. I’m so mad I missed their little ‘road trip’.

    Great video and it’s kick ass there were some Betties there! 🙂

  9. Rob #

    Cool article.

  10. Rachel #

    Awesome article! I love the connection that the Boondock Saints have with the fans – so cool!

  11. 11

    Of course, what we REALLY want to see are the pictures and video for the stuff that DIDN’T make it in (wink wink, nudge nudge.) Great stuff, all around.

  12. Nephilimfields #

    It’s so amazing to be part of something that the performers also truly love. So often you see actors/actresses in interviews saying they had a great time, everyone was awesome blahblahblah and then a few years later in another interview they diss the whole experience. Not the Boondock boys, ALL of them have a special place in their hearts not only for the movies but for the fans as well. Makes me love it even more! Thanks so very much to all involved in the tour(Troy, cast members, the bands and the road crew), that you’d take the time out of your busy schedules and personal lives to give back to the fans like that. Slainte!! Jane xoxo

  13. Casey C #

    Neph, totally agree. there are so many movies out there with huge and loyal fanbases but often, it is completely one sided. I really enjoy seeing how appreciative they are toward the fans.

  14. 14

    Thank you for letting me be a part of the interview! Very well done doll! Much love to you!

  15. RockWebWolf #

    Awesome article chica! What I love about the whole Boondock community is that it’s so tight-knit. The fans are so supportive and appreciative of the cast and crew, and it’s obvious from the video and this article, that the sentiments are mutual.

  16. Crash #

    Wanted to come back and say that readin this article makes me want to see the Dirges perform live even more than I already thought I did. 🙂

    Thanks for the article, Casey!

  17. ugleeCrissie #

    fantastic review miss crawford. saw the dirges in boston on their boondock tour and they didn’t disappoint. betties keep on representin’ worldwide!

  18. daisyvet #

    It’s fantastic how much The Boondock Saints family give back to their fans. To see our friends featured in something so prominent is awesome. Great job!

  19. 19

    Amazing article, Casey!!

  20. 20

    Good job Casey, lots of comments on your piece, you should be happy.