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“Maskhead,” the latest low-budget horror flick from writer/co-director Scott Swan and co-director Fred Vogel, will likely appeal to the same fans of the mind-bending, gore-filled “Saw” franchise. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

The film follows lesbian couple Syl and Maddie as they produce their “Maskhead” series of films — dark fetish movies with a deadly twist. The girls start by interviewing their stars on a couch, getting them to open up about their own fetishes and sexual desires. They then have them act out different kinky scenarios, which involve everything from baking to clowns.

Things take a more sinister turn with the entrance of Maskhead, a burly man whose disfigured face is hidden beneath a menacing mask. When Maskhead walks onto the set, he proceeds to torture and kill his “co-stars” while Syl and Maddie film it. Once the cameras stop rolling, their friend The Cowboy goes off in search of new recruits.

The film follows the series’ production, with each “Maskhead” movie becoming more and more disturbing.

“Maskhead” is a film that will appeal to a specific segment of horror aficionados, particularly those who enjoy Vogel’s other movies with Toe Tag Pictures, such as the “August Underground” series.

The film blends sex, comedy and gore, culminating in a particularly gruesome climax. Most people will likely have to avert their eyes at least once during the movie.

If perverse language, nudity and extremely graphic violence and gore offend or upset you, then “Maskhead” is a movie you might want to avoid. But fans of the genre likely will be intrigued by the film’s shocking nature.

“Maskhead” is available on DVD through Toe Tag Pictures’ Web site at

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  1. Mariusz Zubrowski #

    Is the acting good?

  2. Thomas #

    Sounds like my kind of movie.

  3. Disco #

    The review makes me curious about seeing it now. I wonder if I could take it.

  4. Chainsaw Charlie #

    Hell yeah!

  5. OreoMan #

    I want to see this!

  6. Poible #

    Sounds cool.

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