We Have a Release Date for ‘Expendables 2’


It’s no secret that I loved “The Expendables.” I mean, how could I not? It starred most of my favorite action stars, and it was action packed. The movie left various life-long dreams of mine fulfilled, including having Arnold and Stallone in same movie.

When I left the theater, all I could think was, “I cant wait to watch this again … and when will the next movie happen?” Well, no need for me to wonder anymore. With the success of the first movie, the inevitable “Expendables 2” has now been given the official release date of August 17, 2012, and fans could not be happier … well most of them. This is a good date since there will not be much competition around that time for the movie.

What we know about the movie so far is limited. But we have heard Stallone doesn’t intent to direct or write this next outing and I don’t blame him for it. It is hard work, and perhaps now he can focus on the greatness that was his character “Barney Ross.”

Also, I might add — as everyone knows 2012 — is looking to be a huge year for movies, i.e. “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Superman: Man of Steel,” “Underworld,” “The Avengers,” “Men in Black 3,” “Star Trek 2” and many, many more. But with the announcement of “Expendables 2” 2012 just got even better. Perhaps it could even be the greatest action-adventure movie year of all time.

What do you think about the release date? What do you think about the amazing 2012 lineup? Will you be camping out to watch “Expendables 2”?

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    I’m excited about part 2. I loved the first one. It was everything I had hoped for!

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