‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Features: Music People Making Movies


If Spike Jonze was in a teenage rock band, I wouldn’t be surprised. No, I mean if he was in a teenage rock band NOW I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s got that lazy, loping posture, his voice sounds like he’s barely made it out of puberty, and his friends look like they’re hoping your Mom left some food out for you and your friends and won’t mind all the noise coming from the garage and basement. None of these people has studied for tomorrow’s test, but man can they ever tell you the three best New York Underground acts.

And while these kinds of low-key, cool kids often make me roll my eyes and sigh repeatedly, they’re exactly who should want to make “Where the Wild Things Are” into a film. In these three short segments, co-writer/director Spike Jonze talks to Karen O (the lead-singer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), who provided original music for the film. She talks about her influences, the many collaborators who helped create the sound, all the while dropping obscuro-hipster references. Thing is, come on, she knows what she’s talking about, even if we don’t.

Some of it (Some of it? Some of what? The three videos add up to only about four minutes) is just a list of names and bands, but for those in the know, the names probably mean something. And for the rest of it, you do get a sense of how the music emerged and developed. And it shows just how much the makers have put themselves into the film.

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  1. Don #

    Somehow, I still haven’t seen this movie.