Will Smith Teases ‘MIB3’ in 3D


A very short teaser for the recently announced “Men In Black 3” was created for the recent Sony 3D launch event. In it, Will Smith, as Agent Jay, announces how he will make 3D “look goooood.” And that’s it.

Smith has officially signed the dotted line to appear as Agent Jay whilst Tommy Lee Jones is still in “advanced negotiations” to reprise the role of grouchy Agent Kay. Josh Brolin is tantalisingly rumoured and in discussions to play a younger version of Jones’ character (which, personally, I think is genius casting). An actor of Brolin’s calibre is surely not signing on for a cameo flashback role. So does that mean Agent Jay (Smith) will do a little time traveling in this one? Time will tell. Unless we’ve all already seen “MIB3” and it was so awful the real men in black came along and wiped our memories. But time will tell. Wait a minute…

“Men In Black III” is tentatively due to begin production late 2010.

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    nice little tease about 3d.

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