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Trailer Talk: ‘RED’

— by ALEXA MILAN — What’s possibly more dangerous than James Bond and Jason Bourne combined? Helen Mirren with an enormous gun. They might be a little past their prime, but the eclectic characters at the center of “RED” can still whip their younger counterparts into sha[...]

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Lands Daniel Craig

— by BEV QUESTAD — He’s European … he’s charming … he’s in shape … he’s 42 … he’s single … his schedule is a bit clearer … and, even better, he’s blond. The stoic, chiseled Daniel Craig, best known as a charming James Bond (the sixth), has [...]

Under Review: ‘Ondine’

— by BEV QUESTAD — Based on mysterious selkie mythology, this film is difficult to follow, hard to understand and just plain odd. Yes, there are parts that are beautifully produced with an intense performance by Colin Farrell as Syracuse. However, I couldn’t understand some of the word[...]

Under Review: ‘Salt’

— by JESSIKA OWENS — Ah, “Salt” … my cholesterol has been through the roof in anticipation for this film. The marketing strategies have been fantastic, from the Facebook teasers, Twitter sneak peaks, to the Day X games. Finally, “Salt” is in theaters and I, [...]

First Look: ‘Afghanistan — Red Cross’

— by BEV QUESTAD — Stories of transformation and triumph from chaos and disaster occur at the unlikely International Red Cross Orthopedic Center in Kabul. Consider the life of an amputee in a landscape of desperate unemployment, rocky mountain terrain, scarce survival resources and conti[...]

‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ Filming in Hawaii

— by ALEXA MILAN — If you thought you’d seen the last of Captain Jack Sparrow, think again. Though it may have seemed like “At World’s End” gave a fairly firm conclusion to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, Disney just couldn’t stay away fro[...]

Under Review: ‘Afghanistan: The Trap’

— by BEV QUESTAD — Does this film need to be shown at the start of the next U.S. Congressional session? The next presidential breakfast? “Afghanistan: The Trap” is not a great documentary from the standpoint of cinematic quality or script. But you will widen your eyes and mutter, “[...]

Three Featurettes from ‘The Expendables’

— by ADAM POYNTER — Not for a long time, if ever has there been a collection of A-List action stars together in one film as there is for “The Expendables.” Written, directed and also starring is Sylvester Stallone (one busy guy). Releasing a series of separate behind-the-scenes[...]

‘Elvis on Tour’ to Hit Big Screens One Night Only

Commemorating the 75th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s birth, Warner Home Video, Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. and NCM Fathom are teaming up to present[...]

Controversies Over ‘The Karate Kid’

— by BEV QUESTAD — Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan get a big YES for their work on this film, but at least three controversies swirl over this re-make of the 1984 Macchio version of “The Karate Kid.” First of all, the casting director, Poping Auyeung, flopped when it came to casting the [...]

Hear Ryan Reynolds Recite Green Lantern’s Oath

— by SEAN GERSKI — Early word seems to have “Green Lantern” winning the Comic-Con buzz war, and while we wait for the movie footage screened for attendees to appear online, you can hear below what very well may be the next best thing: Ryan Reynolds reciting the hero’s c[...]

Under Review: ‘Schadeberg: Black – White’

— by BEV QUESTAD — Important art reveals something about the human condition. This documentary on the work of South African photo-documentarian Jürgen Schadeberg brings to life the past and well as current struggles of the Blacks of Soweto, South Africa. It’s an art form of the highes[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Bagman’ (aka ‘Casino Jack’)

— by BEV QUESTAD — Kevin Spacey becomes the self-assured, aggrandizing, lying snake-oil salesman Jack Abramoff in all his insane duplicity and dare-devil deals in the short little snippets that tantalize us in this trailer. “Bagman” is an exposé on the life and times of one of the g[...]

Five Clips from ‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’

— by KATHLEEN COLLINS — DC Comics has been cranking out a series of animated films based on its comic book heroes and while the output has been of varying quality, each one has definitely been worth checking out. The newest one, due in stores Tuesday, finds Batman and Nightwing pitted ag[...]