A Scene From ‘Wrong Turn at Tahoe’


Some of Cuba Gooding Jr.’s most recent credits include “Norbit” and “Daddy Day Camp,” but it looks like Gooding may finally be turning back to some grittier material with “Wrong Turn at Tahoe.”

In this crime thriller from director Franck Khalfoun (whose only previous credit is the parking garage horror dud “P2”), Gooding plays Joshua, a debt collector for the mob caught in the crossfire when his boss, Vincent (Miguel Ferrer — pictured at left), double crosses Nino, an even more powerful and dangerous drug dealer (Harvey Keitel).

It’s hard to tell whether “Wrong Turn at Tahoe” will be another tired gangster flick or a quality action thriller, but either way it’s doubtful it will be enough to revive Gooding’s struggling career.

In this clip, Joshua confronts Vincent about the fact that Nino wants him dead.

“Wrong Turn at Tahoe” will be released on DVD Nov. 16.

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  1. Kat #

    Very interesting!

  2. Disco #

    Cuba’s cooked.