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Poster Peek: ‘Little Fockers’

— by CHRIS HYATT — This Christmas, “Little Fockers,” the third installment in the “Meet The Parents” series, arrives in theatres. As we all know, movie posters are designed to make good movies look epic and epic fail movies look good. Here are a few things you can[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Priest’ (International Version)

— by CHRIS HYATT — Today’s wisenheimer intro is dedicated to the late Don LaFontaine, aka “The Voice of God” and “the movie announcer guy,” who died two years ago. As you read this next line, please imagine his voice in your mind. In a world besieged by[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Unstoppable’

— by CHRIS HYATT — This is the space where I would normally go into some long-winded intro that drops hints at the plot and sets the tone for the rest of the piece. For “Unstoppable,” I don’t have to do that for one simple reason: Denzel Washington. Why do I say that? A[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Tokyo Gore Police’

— by CHRIS HYATT — Oh. Em. Gee. Now, the fact that I decided to open this piece with an internet acronym should tell you to run. The fact that I spelled it out should tell you that unless you are an UBER geek with no life, a la the description from “South Park,” you […[...]

The Top Five James Bond Moments

— by CHRIS HYATT — It looks like with the impending sale of MGM Studios, and Daniel Craig’s busy shooting schedule, it looks like James Bond will not return until late 2011 or even potentially 2012. Until then, let’s take a trip down memory lane, and look at five of the best [...]

Five Clips from ‘The Expendables’

— by CHRIS HYATT — When I first heard about “The Expendables,” I was excited because this would be the Governator’s first opportunity to redeem himself for that travesty known as “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” (Sly Stallone returning to his pre-Rocky B[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Ironclad’

— by CHRIS HYATT — When I watch war movies, I tend to do so with the impression that the action is larger than life, making everything more melodramatic than it really is. This belief of mine especially rings true for those war movies which are based upon actual events. Done properly, li[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Space Pirate Captain Harlock’

— by CHRIS HYATT — It’s rare that I’m so torn when it comes to a movie, normally I love it or hate it. “Space Pirate Captain Harlock” most definitely has me conflicted. Based upon the anime of the same name, “Harlock” is set in the future where humanit[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Space Battleship Yamato’

— by CHRIS HYATT — What if I were to tell you that there was a sci-fi movie out there with the look and feel of “Battlestar Galactica,” the CGI and SFX of “Star Trek” and the storyline of “Star Wars”? You’d scoff and walk away, right? Such a movi[...]

The Top Five SNL-Related Movies

— by CHRIS HYATT — I was watching TMZ this evening when a commercial for “MacGruber” came on. Another overrated summer comedy, I thought to myself. And then, during the obligatory one-word positive accolades from somewhat credible media sources, I saw this: “The best SN[...]

The Top 5 Socio-Culturally Educational Movies

— by CHRIS HYATT — Kids learn a lot of lessons from movies and television, more so now than they did when I was growing up. Unfortunately, Hollywood has dropped the ball as far as what it’s teaching the impressionable youth of the nation. As such, this list are the top five movies [...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Tron: Evolution’ (Videogame)

— by CHRIS HYATT — Nowadays, when a movie comes out, it comes prepackaged with the soundtrack, a novelization and a video game for whichever systems have the best tech (sorry PS3). The catch is that the movie is typically made first (excluding a few titles such as “Street Fighter,&[...]

‘Star Trek’: The Lack of Khan

— by CHRIS HYATT — When I heard the news a few years ago that a new version of “Star Trek” was coming out, I was a little skeptical. For starters, the recent wave of remakes on the large and small screens had, for the most part, been poorly done. The comic book movie wave [&h[...]

Will There be a New ‘Starfighter’ Movie?

— by CHRIS HYATT — According to and Ain’t It Cool News, as confirmed by original scoremaster Craig Safan, everyone’s favorite ’80s fighter, the Gunstar is getting a sequel. According to Safan, a script has been written, storyboarded and is awaiting a final[...]