First-Look Featurette: ‘Inferno’


As all of you should know, unless you’ve been directly avoiding celebrity news all summer, starlet/party girl/hot mess/sometimes actress Lindsay Lohan is currently in rehab after a short sojourn in jail this summer. But before Lohan was thrown in the slammer, she signed onto a film called “Inferno,” the biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace, best known for her 1972 movie “Deep Throat.”

Because of Lohan’s, uh, current commitments, production has come to a halt on the set of “Inferno.” Director Matthew Wilder has LiLo’s back and said he won’t make the movie without her, and production is set to resume in mid-November.

In the meantime, this featurette was recently released to showcase what Wilder has so far. Some filming, a lot of photos of Lohan in lingerie (which were reportedly shot between her jail and rehab stints) and interviews with Lohan and Wilder is what the audience has to look forward to in this featurette. Although there are no real scenes to be show, Wilder explains in his interview what they are shooting.

A 21-year-old Lovelace has just met Chuck Traynor, a man she eventually marries (and later divorces). Traynor, who basically acted as Lovelace’s pimp and was reportedly very violent and controlling, brings her to a motel and tells her she has to sleep with a room full of men, even though she’s “still almost a virgin,” Wilder explains. (Huh?)

There’s ominous music to go along with the pictures and interview, letting the viewer know this film is going to be dark (if the subject matter alone didn’t already alert you to the fact). Shot in a Burbank hotel, none of these visuals are more compelling than Lohan explaining to a reporter who her character is.

Lovelace is “a girl who got caught up in this world” she didn’t want to be involved in, Lohan explains. She’s an “innocent girl who got trapped into this situation,” she adds. Wait a second… is Lohan describing her character or herself? Eerie.

Lovelace has claimed she never wanted to be in adult films and was forced by Traynor. She later became an anti-porn activist.

Another released detail about the film is Bill Pullman has signed on to play Hugh Hefner. My bet is more details about the movie will be released once production resumes.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    wow, I think this role really fits her in her current predicament. I think she can act, she just has to get her head of of the clouds and focus!