‘George Lucas Strikes Back’


It’s no secret, George Lucas has a bad wrap. Jar-Jar Binks, midi-chlorians and Greedo shooting first have all cost Lucas a lot of fanboy cred. But countless online videos have parodied Lucas’ many movie blunders, so what makes this recent installment in the Lucas-bashing party so unique?

In “George Lucas Strikes Back,” writer-directors Bridge Stuart and Mike Litzenberg tackle what actually happened to George Lucas between Episodes VI and Episode I of the “Star Wars” series with this fun and clever fake-movie trailer.

The video features references to your typical “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” quotes and gags, but even adds a couple of appearances by a fake John Williams and Steven Spielberg, as well as an unexpected but hilarious homage to “Oldboy” (especially considering the revenge plot). Plus the twist at the end features a perfectly timed J.J. Abrams inspired lens flare.

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  1. Jackson #

    I can’t believe anyone still has the energy to make spoof videos of Star Wars and George Lucas. Maybe it’s time to focus on something more interesting. Like making insurance commercials.