Short Film Theater: ‘Pixels’


All I can say when I see the short film “Pixels” is “wow.” The time and effort that must have gone into the two and a half minute video is extraordinary.

The short starts with a pixel blob over a busy city. Quickly the pixels start taking over, with a little help from old school video games like Pong, Pacman, and Space Invaders. Soon the whole city is pixelated.

“Pixels” is nothing short of amazing. The animation works seamlessly with the live-action. My favorite moment is when the taxi cab is hit and then it starts to pixelate. Not only is it visually interesting to watch, but you get emotionally involved in “Pixels” even with the short time frame. The old school video games start looking more like destroyers of the city than nostalgic icons.

“Pixels” has been ablaze on the internet, especially within the geek community. You can watch this very cool short below and be amazed.

“Pixels” is directed by Patrick Jean.

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    it was a very cool short

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