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‘Legends of the Superheroes’ Finally Headed to DVD

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — How do I suppress my excitement for a few minutes in order to write this article? Here goes … Let me share a little bit of history with you. In January of 1979, Hanna-Barbera and NBC aired (on prime time) a two-part miniseries titled “Legends of the[...]

Updates on ‘The Flash’ and ‘Green Lantern’ Movies

— by ANDY BEHBAKHT — DC Comics, along with Warner Brothers, have brought some of our favorite heroes to the big screen during these past few years and it looks like that another one is closer to appearing on the big screen as well: The Flash. According to Deadline, the writers of “[...]

Warner Bros. Getting ‘Green Lantern’ Sequel Ready

— by CAM SMITH — Despite having just wrapped principal production last Friday, and with almost a year until its grand public unveiling, DC and Warner Bros. must be feeling really confident that they’ve got something special in “Green Lantern.” In fact, they’re so confident that t[...]

Poster Peek: ‘Green Lantern’

— by CAM SMITH — Out of all of the comic-book superhero-to-film enterprises currently being assembled for major market release, “Green Lantern” is both the most curious and the most worrying. The first pic released of star Ryan Reynolds in the emerald suit was a disappointment, and w[...]

Hear Ryan Reynolds Recite Green Lantern’s Oath

— by SEAN GERSKI — Early word seems to have “Green Lantern” winning the Comic-Con buzz war, and while we wait for the movie footage screened for attendees to appear online, you can hear below what very well may be the next best thing: Ryan Reynolds reciting the hero’s c[...]

Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Green Lantern’ Look Revealed

— by CAM SMITH — Translating popular comic-book character costumes to the big screen is mighty tricky business in our present pop-culture landscape – where small roaming hordes of foaming fans can instantly destroy a film’s good buzz via social networking sites and message boards the[...]

‘Green Lantern’ Villain Caught Walking Around

— by CAM SMITH — There were some scattered murmurings of disapproval last September when news leaked that the main villain supreme in DC’s first “Green Lantern” film wouldn’t be Sinestro, but rather Hector Hammond, the paralyzed, giganto-domed gentleman with powerful psychic and [...]

Green Lantern to Suit Up in CGI?

— by BEN FOWLER — From what seemed like nothing, a flurry of information/rumors has appeared regarding the highly anticipated look Ryan Reynolds will be sporting when “Green Lantern” lands next year. An artist named Jason Palmer, who is known for his artwork and designs from [...]

Two More Actors Cast in ‘Green Lantern’

— by BEN FOWLER — In brightest day, in blackest night … Things are certainly getting going over in New Orleans at the moment. The highly-anticipated “Green Lantern” movie starts filming this week and director Martin Campbell has reached out to New Zealand for his latest[...]

Mark Strong Confirmed as Sinestro in ‘Green Lantern’

— by BEN FOWLER — Comic-book uber genius and all round good guy Geoff Johns has posted a tantalising report from the New Orleans based set of Green Lantern. On Johns’ own Twitter feed today, the writer posted “Back from an amazing trip to Green Lantern town a.k.a. New Orleans[...]

Review: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

— by KENNETH DAVIS — With several successful movies under their belts, DC comics and Warner Bros. bring us yet another excellent film with “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths,” co-directed by Sam Liu (of “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies”) and Lauren[...]

A Clip from ‘Smallville: Absolute Justice’

— by BEN FOWLER — OK, I must warn you that before I start this article, I am extremely geeked out by this preview for Smallville’s upcoming two-hour event. I will try to control my fanboy-isms for the duration of the article, but no promises … So, as we said, “Smallville[...]

A Battle Scene from ‘Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths’

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — Expectations are running higher and higher with each new DC animated movie that gets released. So far, they have successfully managed to turn over a handful of straight-to-DVD films that have been graciously received by the fans, and it’s well deserved. While the l[...]

‘Green Lantern’: Superman Cameo is Out, Villains Cast?

— by SEAN GERSKI — For too long, we heard way too little about the upcoming “Green Lantern” movie. There was a script and a director (Martin Campell, of “Casino Royale” and more) … then nothing. After a while, there were a flurry of options thrown at the[...]