The ‘Smallville’ Finale Countdown Begins Tonight


It will be a sad day when “Smallville” ends. Thankfully, that’s not for another four weeks.

The two-hour series finale airs May 13. In the meantime, “Smallville” returns tonight with a new episode, significantly titled “Kent.” For the past few months, the series has focused on Chloe, Lois, Oliver Queen, The Suicide Squad and, of course, Clark Kent. But now, primary attention will be on Kent and his transformation to the hero he was destined to be: Superman.

In the footage below, a few things appear to be happening. Clark is in an alternate universe where his father, Jonathan Kent (John Schneider), still lives. In Jonathan’s possession is a clump of Kryptonite, which he uses to weaken his son, allowing him to level Clark to the floor. Swiftly following that scene is a brief glimpse of Clark at a cemetery. Whose funeral it is, is unknown.

Rewinding to the beginning of the spot once more, there’s a shot of an astounded Lionel Luthor. Clark (not Clark Kent, but Clark Luthor) moves in to kiss Tess. Two male figures hurl themselves through a window — possibly Clark and Lionel – and a large banner that reads “The Real Man of Steel” is revealed.

The tone of “Kent” is definitely dark and feels similar to “Scion,” which was a well-written and dramatic episode. Overall, I’d say the final season of “Smallville” has been exceptional and I’m very anxious to see Tom Welling don the famous Superman suit.

On April 5, Entertainment Weekly quoted executive producer Brian Peterson as saying the following about the topic.

    At the heart of [every episode] is a very important step in Clark’s journey. [So] while the finale wraps up storylines with the other characters, it is very, very much about Clark and his big moment of transformation.

To me, that cleverly-veiled remark leads me to believe that we will see Welling in red, blue and yellow. Like I said, I can’t wait.

What say you about the clip as well as this being the final season of “Smallville”? Sound off to the right if you will.

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  1. Mary C #

    I will miss this show!

  2. Josue #

    I am so excited!!! The beginning of the end tonight!