Trailer Talk: ‘Coach’


“Coach,” the new romantic comedy from newcomer Will Frears, could be a cute love story, but based on this new trailer, it seems like it relies on a lot of overused elements.

Nick (Hugh Dancy) is a spoiled slacker who is forced to turn his life around when his girlfriend Zoe (Gillian Jacobs) leaves him. He gets a job coaching a middle school soccer team and finds motivation from the kids to pursue a romance with a bright young doctor named Gabrielle (Liane Balaban). But when Zoe reenters his life, Nick is forced to choose between his comfortable past and his promising future.

This movie looks like it takes clichés of sports movies and clichés of romantic comedies and rolls them into one: Reluctant coach is inspired by group of ragtag kids, and two unlikely partners find love despite complications from an ex. I’m sure the film has its cute moments, but as far as sports movies and romantic comedies go, it looks a bit underwhelming on both sides.

No release date is currently set for “Coach.” The Internet Movie Database only lists its release as 2010.

Source: Trailer Spy

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  1. 1

    I’m more concerned about what’s going on in that poster. It looks like a middle schooler’s art project.

  2. mg #

    It looks more like a direct to dvd type thing.You have to have a least one well known actor to make it to theaters for these things to work.

  3. Jonathan #

    How is Craig T. Nelson not in this movie? And Dawber?