Trailer Talk: ‘The Book of Eli’

— by ROB COX —

The Hughes Brothers haven’t directed a movie since 2001’s “From Hell,” a film I liked a lot. Their latest release, “The Book of Eli,” stars Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Washington, though I’m usually game for almost anything Oldman does (almost — I have avoided “The Unborn” so far).

From the trailer, the film looks promising; though, admittedly, the fight clip, in which Washington’s silhouette can be seen mixing it up with five equally silhouetted postapocalyptic baddies, looks cliché — if not bordering on unintentional parody.

The film is being released mid-January, too, frequently an ominous sign. Considering how much I enjoyed “From Hell,” though, I can’t help being optimistic about “The Book of Eli.”

If nothing else, it looks like it might serve as an interesting comparison piece to this Fall’s Cormac-McCarthy based “The Road.” In that film, humanity looks pretty much doomed. Let’s hope that, with “The Book of Eli,” Washington can not only save humanity’s future, but give us a few hours of worthwhile entertainment too.

Also starring Mila Kunis, Malcolm McDowell, Jennifer Beals, Ray Stevenson and Tom Waits, “The Book of Eli” opens Jan. 15, 2010.

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  1. Vanna #

    I have always liked Denzel Washington. But then I am a woman. I just may see this one.

  2. Rob #

    I don’t really dislike Washington. His name on the marquee isn’t an automatic pass for me, but I haven’t found the majority of his movies–especially his later movies–terribly compelling. Man on Fire wasn’t bad and Glory was really good (I know; that one’s really old) but I’ve found found stuff like American Gangster and Training Day disappointing; I didn’t even bother with The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, it just looks like such a product to me. But you know, opinions and noses and all that.

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