Two Clips from ‘Ondine’


“Ondine” tells the story of an Irish fisherman, Syracuse (Colin Farrell), who catches a beautiful woman named Ondine (Alicja Bachleda) in his nets.

Syracuse’s young daughter believes Ondine is a mermaid, but to Syracuse, it doesn’t matter who this mysterious creature is — he’s already fallen in love.

Apparently, sparks flew in both reel and real life on the set of “Ondine” — Farrell and Bachleda started dating while filming; the pair are still together and are parents to a baby boy. Viewers should expect to see some serious chemistry between the two leads in this film.

However, we don’t see too much of it in the clips below. But what we do see in both clips are absolutely beautiful shots of the Irish coast.

In the clip “Come Again?,” Syracuse asks Ondine if she would like to come fishing with him again. He takes her aboard his boat and asks her to steer it. She ends up singing a beautiful song and steering the boat with her foot. Farrell gently says in his adorable, heavy Irish brouge, “You can’t really guide a boat with your foot.”

In “Luck,” Syracuse and Ondine are aboard the boat again, and Ondine is still singing the same song. As she sings, Syracuse gets a catch and tells Ondine to keep singing — she’s bringing him luck.

Find out more about this mystical fairytale when “Ondine” sails into theaters on June 4.

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  1. Medusa #

    Let’s get facts straight here. Colin was dating a writer while filming Ondine. He and Alicja started to date when they returned for reshoots which was right around the time he broke up with the writer.


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