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A First Look Behind the Scenes of ‘Thor’

— by CAM SMITH — For the life of me, I can’t understand why major studios feel it necessary to offer “Entertainment Tonight” exclusive first-look glimpses at their major motion picture offerings. Sure, I get that they’re probably easy to control and are a mega-popular mainstream [...]

‘Thor’ Concept Images Escape

— by BEN FOWLER — Marvel seems to be having a very “leaky” time at the moment. First, there were some (apparently) spot-on artist impressions released of Chris Evans in costume as Captain America, and then last week, Collider released a set of photos that a source of theirs had sent [...]

A First Look at Chris Hemsworth as Thor

— by ADAM POYNTER — Marvel has released the first official picture of Chris Hemsworth in his official Thor wardrobe via Yahoo. Thor isn’t one of Marvel’s best-known characters, but he has had a solid fan base for years and he is now getting the big screen treatment. This film has[...]

What is Going on Behind the Scenes of ‘Thor’?

— by CAM SMITH — Any film production can be a magnet for controversy and conflict. Creative types, as a rule, don’t always see eye-to-eye, business sometimes interferes with artistry and it’s a constant struggle to realize the boundless potential of the page on celluloid. And the mor[...]

About That ‘Thor’ Movie …

— by CAM SMITH — I was never much of a “Thor” enthusiast in my formative years. Though I could appreciate the visual delights and imagination of his elaborately-scaled universe, and the villainous Loki and formidable Absorbing Man, the comic’s heavy emphasis on quasi-Shakespearean [...]

Under Review: ‘The Wolfman’

— by JOEL CRARY — I’ll say this for Joe Johnston’s “The Wolfman”: It spares us the hyperbole and gets down to brass tacks. There are no needless scenes of exposition informing us that a lycanthrope can only be assassinated by the use of silver bullets, that the full moon brings o[...]

Seven Clips from ‘The Wolfman’

— by ROB COX — I can’t say I’ve been eagerly anticipating the upcoming “Wolfman” — I’ve always been a vampire man myself, “Twilight” not withstanding — but I admit, these seven clips do build a teensy bit of excitement. The most intriguing aspect[...]

Go Behind the Scenes with ‘The Wolfman’

— by JON MARTINCIC — Some great movies inspire sequels, few inspire whole genres. The latter was the case in the 1940s and ’50s with the wave of monster features. The introduction of Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, and the Wolfman to the film world led to uncountable franchises.[...]

Anthony Hopkins Cast as Odin in ‘Thor’

— by SEAN GERSKI — In a surprising move, Marvel and Kenneth Branaugh have selected award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins to portray Odin in the upcoming “Thor” movie. Already on board Branaugh’s adaptation of the Marvel Comics character are: Chris Hemsworth as Thor; Tom[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘The Wolfman’

— by VANNA LAND — Benicio Del Toro has been cast in the title role of this update of the classic 1941 horror movie of the same name set in 1880s Victorian-era Great Britain. Del Toro plays an American, Lawrence Talbot, who returns to his ancestral home to search for his brother who has d[...]