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Bradley Cooper Looking at ‘Paradise Lost’

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — If you want to talk about the most sought-after actors at this moment, it is possible Bradley Cooper is at the very top of that list. The star of “The Hangover” has really exploded and is involved in various exciting upcoming projects. For starters, we wi[...]

Bradley Cooper in Talks for The Crow

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — Eleven days after April Fool’s Day, Relativity Media is supposedly in talks with Bradley Cooper to star in the “The Crow” remake. This won’t work. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bradley Cooper, but not as Eric Draven. Next thing you know, Juan Carlos[...]

‘The Hangover Part II’ Trailer Pulled from Theaters

— by ALEXA MILAN — The first full-length green band trailer for “The Hangover Part II” wasn’t green band enough, at least not in the eyes of the Motion Picture Association of America. Warner Brothers and the MPAA have apparently sent a letter to movie theaters across[...]

Why They Should Make a New Our Man Flint Movie

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — It is possible some of you have heard of Derek Flint, and some of you have not. For those who haven’t, it will be my pleasure to introduce you to this character. Some may say his movies were campy, and others may say they were comedies. But after re-watching[...]

Under Review: ‘Limitless’

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — “Limitless” — which stars Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro — has been well received by audiences worldwide. It was No. 1 in its opening weekend. It’s understandable why the movie has done well, since it has a great cast, is fun and has a[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘The Hangover Part II’

— by ALEXA MILAN — The wolfpack is back and getting into crazy shenanigans once again. “The Hangover” was a box office smash in 2009, so naturally Warner Brothers wanted to cash in on a sequel. And the new full-length trailer for the follow-up promises more memorable bachelor[...]

Six Clips from ‘Limitless’

— by ALEXA MILAN — What would happen if you could access 100 percent of your brain? You would become rich, powerful and the target of a bunch of ruthless killers, if the upcoming action thriller “Limitless” is any indication. Based on the novel “The Dark Fields” b[...]

On the Set: ‘The Hangover Part II’

— by ALEXA MILAN — When I first saw “The Hangover” its opening weekend in 2009, I think I laughed harder than I’ve ever laughed in a movie theater. There were few moments in that film when I wasn’t at least smiling — the gang’s adventures with Mike Tys[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Limitless’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — I’m always excited to see movies that were filmed in my hometown of Philadelphia. And although that didn’t work out for me too well with the recent movie flop “How Do You Know,” parts of which were filmed in Philly, I hope “Limitless,&#[...]

The Cure to ‘The Hangover’ — Join the Movement

— by MARIUSZ ZUBROWSKI — I, for one, am sick of hearing people quote “The Hangover” (i.e. “there’s a tiger in the bathroom”) and drone on about how incredibly “epic” it was. Although it may have been the most successful rated-R comedy in the history of man, the Todd Phillip[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Case 39’

— by CAM SMITH — Now that summer is coming to an end, and the time for high-concept event pictures is officially kaput, we’re getting to the point in the calendar year when Hollywood begins airing out its dirty laundry; the long-delayed efforts that have been gathering dust on the shel[...]

Under Review: ‘The A-Team’

— by MARIUSZ ZUBROWSKI — It seems as if stupidity can get a pass on television much more easily than on the big-screen. Perhaps it’s because the majority of television programs are compressed into 30-minute episodes, whereas feature length films usually run in the two-hour range. Plus,[...]

A Scene from ‘The A-Team’

— by BEN FOWLER — With just over two weeks until everyone’s favourite soldiers of fortune are reborn on the big screen, a new expanded clip of the already infamous Tank Vs. Drone scene has been released. The clip shows the unmanned aircrafts destroying the Hercules cargo plane with the[...]

‘The A-Team’: A Behind-the-Scenes Compilation

— by ADAM POYNTER — You can’t help but recognize it as soon as you hear it. That simple intro and tune that you instantly relate to the “A-Team.” I’m sure you’re very aware by now that an “A-Team” movie is coming out June 11 and all of your favorite characters are[...]