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Review: Shirley

— by RON WILKINSON — It is not that Elisabeth Moss did not try. Her respect for Bette Davis comes through loud and clear. The problem is that the character of Shirley Jackson did not need imperious control as much as it needed outright lunacy. More Isabelle Huppert or Charlotte Gainsbour[...]

Review: Chuck

— by RON WILKINSON — Nobody who saw director Philippe Falardeau’s award winning “Monsieur Lazhar” in 2011 would have imagined this. “Lazhar” was followed by two more touchy-feely up close and personal films about unique immigrant experiences. “Chuck,” which premiered at NYC[...]

Review: Queen of Earth

— by RON WILKINSON — Writer/director Alex Ross Perry’s urban pot-boiler “Queen of Earth” falls well short of expectations. A high bar was set by avid Elisabeth Moss fans who came to adore her as she stole the show in the blockbuster “Mad Men” TV series. Toward the end o[...]

Under Review: ‘Green Lantern: Emerald Knights’

— by ANDY BEHBAKHT — Back when I saw the trailer for “Emerald Knights” and the synopsis, I was actually looking forward to a movie that would basically explain some of the other Lanterns’ stories and more about the Green Lantern Corps. Before I give you my thoughts of the movie[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Green Lantern: Emerald Knights’

— by ANDY BEHBAKHT — This summer, fans will get a double dose of Green Lantern. Ten days before the release of the live-action movie “Green Lantern” (starring Ryan Reynolds), you will be able to hear Nathan Fillion (“Castle”) as the voice of Hal Jordan/Green Lante[...]

Four Clips from: ‘Did You Hear About the Morgans?’

— by ROBERT DeFEIS — Marc Lawrence is the writer/director of this comedy. He also was the writer of “Miss Congeniality,” a movie I didn’t care for. This time, he tries his luck by taking Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant and sticking them into a setting in which they are the [...]

Poster Peek: ‘Did You Hear About the Morgans?’

— by ROBERT DeFEIS — The couple in the poster is Meryl and Paul Morgan (Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant). The comedy “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” follows the exceedingly successful couple whose almost-perfect lives have only one notable failure — their dissolvi[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Did You Hear About the Morgans?’

— by VANNA LAND — A new trailer has come out for the upcoming Hugh Grant / Sarah Jessica Parker comedy “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” The film was written and directed by the multi-talented Marc Lawrence, who also wrote and directed “Two Weeks Notice” and “Music and[...]