Three Clips from ‘Killers’


In “Killers,” Katherine Heigl plays a computer tech named Jen who meets the man of her dreams, Spencer (Ashton Kutcher), while on vacation with her family in France. They fall in love and marry quickly, but little does Jen know that Spencer is an assassin. Three years into their marriage and right after Spencer’s 30th birthday, the cat is out of the bag when the couple learns someone has put a hit on Spencer. Besides working through martial issues, Spencer needs to teach Jen how to survive in his world and help him figure out who put out the hit on him.

If you’ve seen the trailer for this ho-hum action-comedy, these three clips won’t add much you already don’t know about “Killers.” In the “Elevator” clip, Jen and Spencer meet for the first time in, you guessed it, an elevator. Kutcher gets to show off his shirtless bod and foreign language skills, while Heigl fumbles and bumbles along (when introducing herself, she says, “Jennifer. Sometimes Jenny. No, Jen. Just Jen.).”

In the “Girlfriends” clip, Jen, three years into her marriage with Spencer, tells her friends how he doesn’t want to go on an exotic trip. In her words, he’d rather “stay at home and eat cobbler.” Although she tries to convince her friends Spencer’s just a homebody, Kristen (Casey Wilson) warns Jen about the “three-year snooze.” She advises Jen that if she doesn’t keep Spencer happy, he’ll run off with a reality TV star named Shonda (apparently Kristen experienced this), and “Shonda speaks six languages, and one of those languages is sex.”

And in the “Running from Car” clip, we see some of the action in this flick. Kutcher runs from a woman in a red mustang who is trying to mow him down. He jumps in a delivery truck, only to be saved by his wife. They tap guns at the end — I’m guessing this is the assassin equivalent of a high-five. Cute?

“Killers” is in theaters on June 4.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    Well Amanda you pretty muched guessed it all. I saw an early cut of this film a few months ago, and before I did when I saw the trailer I though it looked like a fun action comedy (Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets Knocked up) and to my dismay it was not, all of the funny or action-packed scenes are in the trailer and the rest is just alot of talking. Its sad that two people with such great comedic timing got bogged down in this mediocre script. I think theyve made a few changes since Ive seen it but it was definately “not all that”!

  2. Bev #

    Adam and Amanda, Golly, the 3 trailers make the film look fun. But Adam reports the movie isn’t all that hot and Amanda, you don’t seem sold at all. Too bad – I like both these performers. They have a lot to offer.

  3. Adam Poynter #

    Yes they are both hysterical, but i did see an early cut of this film and all the most action packed parts and the funniest parts were in the trailer, plus did you hear? Lionsgate refused to let any critics see the film at all before release, never a good sign…

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