Trailer Talk: ‘Minus 8’


Neil MacKay’s “Minus 8” is a sci-fi/thriller centered around the time-tested formula of one super-human killer and a group of unsuspecting victims.

There are numerous franchises with endless sequels and re-imaginings using this schematic, so what makes “Minus 8” any different? We’ll see.

Here is the description written by writer/director Neil MacKay: Winter. New Haven Hydro-facility. Nine hydro-workers start to perish one-by-one soon after they arrive. They are being hunted by a ruthless killer who doesn’t want them to leave the area alive. As the temperature drop, and supplies run low…the remaining men try to survive or die trying. From the electrifying opening to jaw-dropping ending … “MINUS 8” is a crescendo of action, suspense and surprises.
“Minus 8” is scheduled for release on Nov. 18.

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  1. Don #

    Looks appropriately spooky.

  2. Disco #

    I could go either way on this.

  3. Q #

    It looks okay at best.