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Under Review: ‘The Switch’

— by ADAM POYNTER — I will start off by saying the concept for “The Switch” seemed a bit formulaic at first. With recent romantic comedies failing at the box office and also in the movie-goers’ eyes to impress on any level of originality or authenticity, the directing team of J[...]

Under Review: ‘Bounty Hunter’

— by JESSICA CARSON — There is always the hope when one sits down to watch a romantic comedy that it will meet or surpass expectations. At first glance, “Bounty Hunter” appears to be a well-done romantic comedy, but upon further examination, the movie has missed the mark and [...]

Trailer Talk: ‘The Switch’

— by KATHLEEN COLLINS — Jennifer Aniston is in a no-win situation right now regarding her movie career. If she does a movie that isn’t a romantic comedy, no one goes to see it. If she does do a romantic comedy, then you instantly hear the cries of “Oh Gawd, Jennifer Aniston[...]

Six Clips from ‘The Bounty Hunter’

— by ALLISON HIGGINBOTHAM — When I was younger, I thought bounty hunters hunted people and then killed them. Basically, I thought they were hit men. As I grew older (and watched some “Dog the Bounty Hunter”), I learned the error of my ways. However, when I saw these clips[...]

Poster Peek: ‘The Back-Up Plan’

— by SEAN GERSKI — Quick question: What is the first thing you notice about the poster below? Do you think that’s an accident? Jennifer Lopez, who hasn’t been in a movie since 2006, is back and she’s in a romantic comedy about a woman who gets artificially inseminated r[...]

Poster Peek: ‘The Bounty Hunter’

— by JON MARTINCIC — Gerard Butler’s star is still on the rise. His latest adventure is with Jennifer Aniston in “The Bounty Hunter,” a story about a bounty hunter (Butler) who is assigned his ex-wife (Aniston) as his next target. “The Bounty Hunter” is[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘The Bounty Hunter’

— by SEAN GERSKI — It seems like one of the most fun jobs in Hollywood would be casting the lead roles of a movie like this. I mean, let’s be honest, there are practically an infinite number of actors and actresses who could take on these roles. There are some movies you watch and [...]

Under Review: ‘Love Happens’

— by ROB COX — It’s hard not to like Jennifer Aniston. Her presence, along with Aaron Eckhart’s — who is likeable in his own right — help lift “Love Happens” into the realm of interesting diversion. Granted, it’s not a diversion I’d recommend seeing in[...]

Four Clips From ‘Love Happens’

Most people love Jennifer Aniston. And many people love romantic comedies. However, few people seem to be excited about Aniston’s new romantic comedy, “Love Happens.” It could be the formulaic title or just the fact the trailer makes it seem like just about every other romantic[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Love Happens’

— by KATHLEEN COLLINS — After watching the new “Love Happens” international movie trailer, I feel like I have seen the whole movie. I like watching Jennifer Aniston films, but the movie looks like just another cliche — man can’t move forward from the death of his [...]