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Review: Mafia Inc

— by RON WILKINSON — Is this a Canadian Godfather or is Godfather an Americanized Mafia? Against the original, this remake offers few surprises, just a further variation that crime does not pay. OK, it does for a while, but the geese come home to roost and the gangster realizes he has ma[...]

Review: Dead Air

— by RON WILKINSON — Sometimes radio waves do what they are told and sometimes they have a mind of their own. Sometimes they tell stories in a movie, stories that should have told by the camera and not by the voice on the radio. When one is talking over a two-way radio, there is [&hellip[...]

Review: My Darling Supermarket

— by RON WILKINSON — The stories those cans could tell. Everybody has a story and this microcosm runs the gamut. Employees are interviewed in their workplace as they live the better part of their lives with their assigned companions. Some flirt, some have serious conversations, some work[...]

Review: Wrong Turn

— by RON WILKINSON — Six young hikers head off into one of the most impenetrable wilderness areas in the USA with bookbags and floppy cotton clothing. Although properly dressed for a game of beach volleyball the viewer just knows something is going to go wrong. Giddy with prospects of br[...]

Review: The White Tiger

— by RON WILKINSON — Balram Halwai (Adarsh Gourav) describes India as having hundreds of castes and thousands of gods. He is ambivalent toward the gods and has no choice as to his caste. Simplifying the bewildering complexities of Indian culture he boils it down to two castes – those w[...]

Review: M.C. Escher: Journey to Infinity

— by RON WILKINSON — To those of us who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, he was an icon. To him, we were an enigma. “Out of control hippies,” as his diaries read. MC Escher simply could not fathom what we saw in his work. We saw infinity, the joining of earth and […][...]

Review: Identifying Features

— by RON WILKINSON — The trope of wanting to know something that could kill is such a staple of Western crime stories we hardly know it is there. It takes powerful voices and acting to remind us that this kind of knowledge is a real thing. Magdalena hears this kind of information whisper[...]

Review: Night of the Kings

— by RON WILKINSON — In a prison run by the inmates a newcomer seems destined to hold a special place in the hierarchy. However, there is a catch. Under the red moon he must tell stories until dawn or be hung by a most uninviting meat hook suspended above a concrete staircase. Scheheraza[...]

Review: The Night

— by RON WILKINSON — And what a night it was. The Hotel Normandie is said to have seen more death than the WWII beach of the same name. Unlike the Eagles Hotel California one is able to leave any time by the simple act of telling the truth. Death is not a possibility, as […][...]

Review: Atlantis

— by RON WILKINSON — No, not that Atlantis. This is the Atlantis of the recent future. It is 2025, a year after a devastating war that bombed a nation back to the 19th century. War and capitalist greed have left water poisoned with chemicals, statesmanship poisoned with propaganda and hu[...]

Review: Acasa, My Home

— by RON WILKINSON — Every few months, weeks or days, many working Americans dream of life in the wild. The simplicity of nature offers the ultimate freedom, work we like when we like it, without modern backstabbing urban politics. Then we sober up. There were people here who lived like [...]

Review: Wander

— by RON WILKINSON — Opening with a nicely done highway accident in a colorless prairie, the setting could be Roswell New Mexico. The scenery is so plain and the tarmac so barren there must be something bad just outside of camera range. The shots shift to a huge red sign marking the entr[...]

Review: Neither Confirm Nor Deny

— by RON WILKINSON — The early 1970s were not boring. Continuing the momentum of the riotous 1960s, a five year period saw President Nixon’s resignation, the end of US involvement in Viet Nam and the Hughes Glomar Explorer. OK, the Glomar Explorer may not be at the top of everyone’s [...]

Review: Jacinta

— by RON WILKINSON — Most parents would go to extremes to protect their child. They would sacrifice their life, their wealth, their honor, perhaps even their wife or husband. As it turns out, these sacrifices only scratch the surface. Consider the sacrifice of leaving one’s child. Aban[...]