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Review: Driven

— by RON WILKINSON — Yes, it is a good routine and the cast and crew do their best to make a film out of the script. Even so, the viewer is left wondering why they used the film. The mystery passenger and his bloody knife get things off to a good start and the […][...]

Review: Shirley

— by RON WILKINSON — It is not that Elisabeth Moss did not try. Her respect for Bette Davis comes through loud and clear. The problem is that the character of Shirley Jackson did not need imperious control as much as it needed outright lunacy. More Isabelle Huppert or Charlotte Gainsbour[...]

Review: End of Sentence

— by RON WILKINSON — Prison release scenes are the greatest. There is the best chance to contrast the stifling, lethal life within confinement to the even more lethal threats that come with freedom. This movie does it even better, stationing the waiting father next to the heavily armed g[...]

Review: Villain

— by RON WILKINSON — How far would you go to protect your family? What if your family consisted of a brother who was too dumb to chew gum and connected enough to get a hundred grand in hock to vicious criminals? A lot of people would find a new brother and move to a […][...]

Review: South Mountain

— by RON WILKINSON — Her character having survived life with uber-rogue hubby Roger Sterling in “Mad Men,” one might think Lila had seen it all. Not even close, as Talia Balsam breathes new life into the fragmenting of a wife and mother. The luscious beauty of the Catskills and the t[...]

Review: The Vast of Night

— by RON WILKINSON — A space invader sci-fi flick has to choose one of two directions: the “E.T.” way or the “Alien” way. The “E.T.” take is extraterrestrials as friendly giants with powerful technology that could accidentally crush us or move us to an unknown dimension but n[...]

Review: A Good Woman Is Hard to Find

— by RON WILKINSON — The lengths that people will go to for various causes has become the capsule description for revenge flicks. A quick set-up to get the juices going and the glorious simplistic finish, usually with bloody violence. On the surface this film is that, enough get-even act[...]

Review: The Wretched

— by RON WILKINSON — His parents engaged in an ugly divorce, Ben does the wrong thing and breaks into a neighbor’s house to steal some opioids. A bad thing, but not bad enough to merit the bloody coming out of the ear treatment by a decidedly evil witch-like monster. At the same time, [...]

Review: Planet of the Humans

— by RON WILKINSON — The YouTube title reads “Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans.” Apparently, the film-maker added the Oscar winner’s handle and offered 30 days of free viewing to get this stinker off the dime. It will not work. Whether Moore owed his buddy Jeff Gibbs a [...]

Review: Deerskin

— by RON WILKINSON — Georges might always have felt it is the clothes that make the man. No wonder, reeling from the short end of a divorce, penniless and with his credit card cruelly cancelled by a heartless ex, it is a coat of the skin of prey that speaks to him. Abandoned to […[...]

Review: True History of the Kelly Gang

— by RON WILKINSON — George MacKay wanted to cover all the bases and appearing as the luckless and legendary Ned Kelly and the plucky and traumatized Lance Corporal Schofield in two films opening in Australia on the same day did it. On the other hand, the stark grace of “1917” so ove[...]

Review: Why Don’t You Just Die!

— by RON WILKINSON — Most splatter flicks take themselves too seriously. It is not the plethora of spouting veins that makes the movie great, it is the deliciously dark humor than goes with it. Throwing a TV set into someone’s face is fun enough, but when the set itself refuses to die,[...]

Review: The Other Lamb

— by RON WILKINSON — The opening scenes of the concubine-like quarters of the 15 or so women under the control of Shepherd tell the whole story. Do not try to impose any kind of literal, rational interpretation on this movie. The message is allegorical, at best. At worst, it is exploitat[...]

Review: Vitalina Varela

— by RON WILKINSON — Now and then, rarely, a film appears that takes full advantage of the medium. This movie does that to such a degree that the complete lack of narrative dialog goes unnoticed. There is so much happening on the screen that the ear takes second place and the eyes are fa[...]